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Jim Bochat, President of Commissioning Concepts of Phoenix, AZ


Jim Bochat, President of Commissioning Concepts of Phoenix, AZ, has been a NEBB Certified Commissioning professional since 1993. He is a LEED AP and also NEBB certified in Building Test & Balance. He has many years of HVAC design and both industrial and commercial building controls design and construction experience. His experience as a control contractor representing several major brands of systems has given him extensive control system commissioning experience. In his 40+ years of experience he has provided hundreds of building owners with problem solutions and energy efficient installations for improved building operations. Mr. Bochat has been instrumental in developing Technical Commissioning for NEBB and utilizes this technical process to provide technical, hands on commissioning services.

Jim was the NEBB Commissioning Committee Chairman from 1995 ‐ 2002,
2007 – 2009, and in 2012 was appointed to that position by the NEBB Board of Directors. He is a Certifying Instructor for the NEBB Commissioning and Building Envelope Testing programs. He has taught commissioning seminars for NEBB throughout the United States and in Melbourne, Australia. He has spoken on Commissioning to groups such as NYSRDA, ASHRAE, AHR Expo, PECI, IFMA, Southwest Plant Engineers Expo, RMA Chapter of APPA, Green Summit 2008, Build It Green 2009, Western Area Power Users, NEBB, AMCA of Australia and Greenbuild 2010. He is a NEBB certified Professional in Commissioning with qualifications in, Retro Commissioning, HVAC, Controls, Building Envelope, Electrical, Special Electrical Systems, Fire Protection, Green Building and Plumbing systems. Jim is a past President of the National NEBB organization, serving 2003 ‐ 2004.  He is a Life Member of ASHRAE and was a member of ASHRAE’s Project Committee for the Performance Metrics Protocols, chairman of the ASHRAE PMP Best Practices committee, is currently a member of ASHRAE’s GPC0.2 Committees, member of the Professional Development Committee (PDC), and member of the Building Performance Metrics (MTG) committee.

As a LEED AP, he has completed commissioning of several LEED projects, including two Platinum LEED facilities, the highest LEED achievement. His past projects include medical, educational, municipal, manufacturing and entertainment facilities. He has over 40 years of experience in Design, Construction, Commissioning and Construction Management of energy improvement projects. This experience includes design and construction of a solar powered electrical generating facility, two Solaris test facilities for D.O.E. and numerous energy management systems for specific control and energy reduction scenarios. He has over 40 years of experience in constructing and making system function as a Mechanical and Controls contractor and as a startup, balancing and commissioning contractor.

He was presented the George B. Hightower Award for his distinguished service to NEBB at the 2010 NEBB Annual meeting. The George B. Hightower Award was established to venerate outstanding individuals who have served NEBB with distinction, given their time and talents, and proven their dedication to NEBB and the future of our industry through exemplary service. The award was named for an extraordinary man. Hightower had been instrumental with the formation of NEBB programs since its inception and through its subsequent success and also served as NEBB's President in 1974. The George B. Hightower Award is NEBB's most prestigious honor and is presented periodically to people who have made special contributions to the success of NEBB.