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Industry News

Energy-Related Emissions Worldwide Reached Record High in 2012
STOCKHOLM—The world's energy-related carbon dioxide emissions rose 1.4% in 2012 to a record high of 31.6 billion tons, even though the U.S. posted its lowest emissions since the mid-1990s, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). In its annual World Energy Outlook report, IEA said top carbon polluter China had the largest emissions growth last year, an increase of 300 million tons, or 3.8%, from 2011. However, the increase was among the lowest seen in a decade as China continues to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency. U.S. emissions decreased by 200 million tons, or 3.8%. 

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Solar Industry's Bright Prospects Being Burned by Quality Concerns
LOS ANGELES—The $77 billion solar industry is facing a crisis as quality concerns are emerging just after a surge in solar construction, according to an article in The New York Times. Worldwide, testing labs, developers, financiers and insurers are reporting problems such as disintegration of protective coatings and panel assemblies catching fire. Most of the concerns over quality center on China, where the majority of the world’s solar panels are manufactured. Executives at companies that inspect Chinese factories on behalf of developers and financiers said that over the last 18 months they have found that even the most reputable companies are substituting cheaper, untested materials.  In the United States, the Solar Energy Industries Association said that solar panel generating capacity grew rapidly from 83 MW in 2003 to 7,266 MW in 2012. Nearly half that capacity was installed in 2012 alone.

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Dubai Government Agency Turns to Air-Conditioned Jackets
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates—Jackets with built-in cooling and air-conditioning devices will be used by the inspectors of the Department of Economic Development (DED) to help them cope with the heat. The average summer temperature in Dubai is around 106°F (41°C). The jackets, manufactured by a Japanese company, are equipped with two fans at the back, which are powered by batteries and solar energy. Fans at the back pump fresh air around the wearer and out through the neck and sleeve ends. Moisture can also pass through the cloth. The electrical parts can be removed for washing. The only drawback is the "balloon" effect on the jacket's appearance caused by the airflow. The DED licenses and supervises businesses in Dubai.

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UK Research Center to Study Sustainable Energy Use in Food Chain
UXBRIDGE, UK—Brunel University will launch the National Centre for Sustainable Energy Use in Food Chains, which will seek to develop energy-efficient food manufacturing, distribution and retail systems to help companies achieve their carbon reduction targets. Overall, the Centre stated it will develop research to produce an "80% reduction in CO2 emissions [in the sector] by 2050, but also research that will have demonstrable impacts within the initial five year lifetime of the Centre." The research center, scheduled to open in September, is intended to be a "unique cross-disciplinary hub of engineers, scientists and industry experts." The Centre will be led by Savvas Tassou, Ph.D., Member ASHRAE, head of the School of Engineering and Design at Brunel. The Centre is the second facility launched with UK government funds earmarked for energy-related programs.

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'Extraneous' Amendments Could Drain Energy From Energy-Efficiency Bill
WASHINGTON—A bill that would promote energy efficiency in commercial buildings, the manufacturing sector and the federal government could be a magnet for divisive amendments on topics like climate change, oil pipelines and ethanol that could threaten its passage, according to an article on political news site Politico. The bill, sponsored by Sens. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) and Rob Portman (R-Ohio), is the first major energy legislation in years to reach its level of support and progress. However, because of that, Shaheen said she fears seeing her bill become "a catch-all for extraneous add-ons." The Senate energy panel is expected to mark up the bill later this month.

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Disincentives Keep Utilities From Adopting Energy-Efficiency Programs, Says Study
CORVALLIS, Ore.—A new study finds that utilities aren't rewarded for adopting energy efficiency programs, and that reforms are needed to make energy efficiency as attractive as renewable energy programs. Author Inara Scott, an assistant professor at Oregon State University, outlines ways to increase the amount of energy utilities save each year through efficiency programs. Cost-recovery systems for many investor-owned utilities in the United States are based on an old rate structure model—the more energy that is produced, the higher return for shareholders. "You don't want to penalize utilities for selling less energy," Scott said. Instead, she said, states can use ratemaking mechanisms to decouple the link between utility sales and revenues and establish performance incentives for the adoption of efficiency programs. The study is published in the journal Environmental Law.

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In other news...

U.S. Senate Bill Aims to Implement Energy Costs Into Underwriting Guidelines
Developer of Burj Khalifa Planning Even Taller Building in Dubai?
First U.S. Grid-Connected Offshore Wind Turbine Launched in Maine
'Green' Community Near Atlanta Welcomes Showcase Center for Net Zero Energy Homes
SAGE Develops New Electrochromic Glass Product at High-Volume Manufacturing Facility
Armstrong Unites Its Companies Under Single Brand Name


2013 ASHRAE Handbook Features Updated Heat Gain, Weather Data
To assist the buildings industry in defining loads and designing more cost-efficient systems, internal equipment heat gain and load density data have been updated in the 2013 ASHRAE Handbook–Fundamentals. Major revisions were made to Chapter 18, "Nonresidential Cooling and Heating Load Calculations," including the new internal heat gain data and recommendations, an elevation correction example and an equation summary. “Older assumptions based on out-of-date computer, copier and printer heat gains can result in significantly oversized HVAC systems resulting in higher first cost and operating cost,” said Steven Bruning, Handbook subcommittee chair of Technical Committee 4.1, Load Calculation Data and Procedures. "The new data in the Handbook chapter reflect ongoing ASHRAE Research results." The chapter also includes a new master example section based on the renovated ASHRAE Headquarters building.

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Feature of the Week

Specifying Insulation For Air Terminal Units
By David A. John, P.E., Member ASHRAE
Air terminal units used in commercial air-distribution systems are available with a large range of insulation materials, differing in properties such as thickness, thermal characteristics, and sound absorption. This article reviews the characteristics and properties of some of the more common insulation materials specified for air terminal units. Also discussed are the commonly cited standards that are specified for air terminal unit insulation. The article recommends methods to clarify and improve insulation specifications.

This article originally was published in September 2010. Click here to download the article. It will be available here through June 27.

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Product News

VRF Unit From Carrier
SYRACUSE, N.Y.—Carrier offers the Toshiba Carrier SHRM-i variable refrigerant flow (VRF) unit, which features heat recovery. The VRF unit also features technology that optimizes and balances each component in the system to enhance reliability and efficiency. The unit also includes multiple inverter-driven compressors that are compatible with Puron (R-410A) refrigerant.

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Axial Exhaust Fans From Continental Fan
BUFFALO, N.Y.—RMD axial exhaust fans from Continental Fan are designed for roof or wall mounting in areas that have little or no ductwork. The fans are corrosion resistant, and feature a totally enclosed ball-bearing motor. They are available in a range of sizes and airflow capacities.

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Geothermal Zone Valve From Taco
CRANSTON, R.I.—The Taco GeoSentry zone valve is designed to enhance the overall performance of open- and closed-loop geothermal systems by providing control of exchange fields. Microprocessor-based logic is used to activate a gear-driven, electronic actuator.

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