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Industry News

Newly Approved LEED v4 Set for November Launch
WASHINGTON—The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has announced that its membership has voted to adopt LEED v4, the next update to the popular "green" building rating system. The full LEED v4 program will be unveiled at the Greenbuild International Conference & Expo, Nov. 20–22 in Philadelphia. USGBC will present a suite of webinars to educate potential users on the new program beginning later this summer. "This newest version of LEED challenges the market to make the next leap toward better, cleaner, healthier buildings," said Scot Horst, senior vice president of LEED, USGBC. "I am confident that people will also notice the improved usability of the system with an improved documentation process and more resources and tools to assist and support positive action." USGBC says there are more than 100 projects pursuing certification through the LEED v4 beta program.

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Common Devices Consume Too Much Energy, Says ACEEE Report
WASHINGTON—There are more than two billion common electronic devices and equipment in U.S. homes and businesses. Collectively, they consume more energy each year than many large countries do to power their entire economies, according to a new report from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). Household devices, such as TVs, computers, and ceiling fans, and commercial equipment, such as elevators, icemakers, and MRI machines, use 7.8 quadrillion Btus (quads) each year, which is more than the primary energy use of some 200 countries. However, the report found room for improvement for such devices, referred to as miscellaneous energy loads (MELs) because they do not fit into traditional energy-use categories such as HVAC&R or lighting. The report found that the devices could be made to use 40% to 50% less energy with existing technology.

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Heat Wave in Western U.S. Tests Power Grids
FOLSOM, Calif.—An ongoing heat wave in the western U.S. is the first major test of summer's spiking energy demand. Daily temperatures above 100°F (38°C) are occurring in states such as Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah. However, so far the power grid seems to be passing the test. Better technology and communications are responsible for that. However, utilities are still on high alert, particularly in California. The California Independent System Operator, which controls most of the state's power grid, issued a so-called "flex alert" across northern California this week. Consumers were asked to reduce their energy use between noon and 7 p.m., when demand for air conditioning is at its highest. Utilities also recommend turning off unnecessary lights, postponing major appliance use until after 6 p.m., and turning air conditioners up to 78°F (26°C), or using a fan instead. Those actions can generate savings of 1,000 MW statewide, enough electricity to power 1 million households, according to the California Independent System Operator.

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EPA Warns Against Using Flammable R-22 Substitutes in Residential AC
WASHINGTON—The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is warning homeowners, propane manufacturers and sellers, home improvement contractors and air-conditioning technicians of potential safety hazards related to the use of propane or other unapproved refrigerants in home air-conditioning systems due to the refrigerants' fire and explosion risks. EPA is investigating instances where propane has been marketed and used as a substitute for R-22 (HCFC-22), a refrigerant that is widely used in home air-conditioning systems. EPA has not approved the use of propane refrigerant or other hydrocarbon refrigerants in any type of air conditioner. EPA has only approved the use of propane as a substitute refrigerant for R-22 in industrial process refrigeration systems and in new, stand-alone retail food refrigerators and freezers that are specifically designed to use flammable hydrocarbon refrigerants.

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CTBUH Names 'Best Tall Buildings for 2013'
CHICAGO—Distinctive towers in Canada, China, the UK and UAE have been named the best tall buildings in the world for 2013 by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH). The four regional winners include The Bow in Calgary, Canada (Americas); CCTV Headquarters in Beijing, China (Asia & Australia); The Shard, London (Europe); Sowwah Square, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Middle East & Africa). An overall winner for the “Best Tall Building Worldwide” will be named from the four regional winners at the CTBUH 12th Annual Awards Ceremony and Dinner in November.

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Google to Build 1,000-ft Long 'Groundscraper' in London
LONDON—Google has unveiled designs for its new UK headquarters, which will be longer than the Shard, the UK's tallest building, is tall. The 1,000 ft (330 m) long "groundscraper" will house all of Google's thousands of London staffers under one roof when completed in 2016. The 1 million ft2 (93 000 m2) building is expected to feature a climbing wall between floors and rooftop gardens. The entire site is expected to include a 20,000 ft2 (1860 m2) area for bike parking.

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In other news...

AHRI Updates Online Directory for Certified Variable Refrigerant Flow Products
EPA Strengthens Energy Star Requirements for Refrigerators and Freezers
Researchers Develop Efficient, Environment-Friendly Battery Made of Wood
Researchers Developing Device That Pulls CO2 Directly From Air
Swarming Ants Wrecking Air Conditioners Along U.S. Gulf Coast
15-Year-Old Invents Flashlight That Runs on Body Heat


ASHRAE Installs New Officers, Directors
ASHRAE installed new officers and directors for 2013–14 at the recent 2013 ASHRAE Annual Meeting in Denver. The new president is William P. (Bill) Bahnfleth, Ph.D., P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, ASME Fellow, a professor of Architectural Engineering and director of the Indoor Environment Center at The Pennsylvania State University. Bahnfleth’s presidential theme is "Shaping the Next." Other officers installed for a one-year term are president-elect Thomas H. Phoenix, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, ASHRAE-Certified Building Energy Assessment and Building Energy Modeling Professional; and Treasurer T. David Underwood, P.Eng., Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE, ASHRAE-Certified Commissioning Process Management Professional. Also, four vice presidents were installed for one-year terms. In addition, eight regional directors and directors-at-large began three-year terms.

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New ASHRAE Publication Provides Design Guidance on District Cooling Systems
A newly published book from ASHRAE provides design guidance for major aspects of district cooling systems. The District Cooling Guide includes guidance on central chiller plants, chilled-water distribution systems and consumer interconnection. In addition to design guidance, the book contains a chapter dedicated to planning, with additional information on system enhancements and the integration of thermal storage into a district cooling system. Guidance on operations and maintenance, including several case studies, is provided to help operators ensure that systems function as intended.

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Feature of the Week

Demand-Controlled Ventilation for Commercial Kitchens
By Derek Schrock, Member ASHRAE; Jimmy Sandusky, Associate Member ASHRAE; and Andrey Livchak, Ph.D., Member ASHRAE
According to the authors, commercial kitchen demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) systems can offer great energy savings to the end user when properly implemented. Care should be taken to ensure the proper DCV system and sensor type are selected for a given appliance lineup. This article presents results of tests to compare performance of DCV systems that use temperature sensors only to those that incorporate cooking activity and temperature sensors. It also discusses possible future applications of DCV systems.

This article originally was published in November 2012. Click here to download the article. It will be available here through July 19.

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Product News

Indoor Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers From Seresco
DECATUR, Ga.—Seresco USA offers the Protocol NP-Series line of indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers in sizes from 90 tons to 140 tons (317 kW to 492 kW). The dehumidifiers substitute vapor compression refrigerants commonly used in traditional natatorium dehumidifiers with propylene glycol, Glycol is up to 95% less expensive than refrigerants and is an environmentally preferred heat transfer fluid for sustainable building projects. The units also feature the company's WebSentry system, a Web browser-based software/hardware application that enables 24/7 real-time data transmission and extranet access. WebSentry sends more than 100 operating parameters every minute from the dehumidifiers' microprocessor controllers to Seresco's server center for daily remote viewing, tracking and adjusting by factory technicians.

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Geothermal Heat Pump From Bosch Thermotechnology
LONDONDERRY, N.H.—Bosch Thermotechnology introduces the FHP LV single-stage water-source heat pump, designed for use in retrofit or replacement applications. The unit features a standard multiple-speed PSC blower motor with a removable blower housing ring. It also features internally mounted two-way motorized valves that open only on calls for heating or cooling to reduce energy use.

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Online Specification Platform From ARCOM
SALT LAKE CITY—ARCOM has released the new SpecBuilder+Expert platform, an innovative, expert system for creating manufacturer and trade organization specifications. The SpecBuilder+Expert platform provides an online, software-as-a-service specification editor that incorporates an easy-to-follow, plain-language, question-and-answer interface. It is designed to address the needs of building product manufacturers and organizations that want “build-your-own-spec” functionality on their branded websites. The platform also provides expert help via a knowledge database displayed alongside the questions and answers.

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