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Industry News

AHR Expo Names 2014 Innovation Award Winners
WESTPORT, Conn.—The winners of the 2014 AHR Expo Innovation Awards have been selected. They will be honored at a special ceremony on Jan. 22 during the 2014 AHR Expo in New York. The winning entries were selected in 10 categories and represent the most innovative new products among the thousands that will be displayed at the 2014 AHR Expo. A panel of judges made up of ASHRAE members evaluated the products submitted based on innovation, application, value to the user and market impact.

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1 World Trade Center's Height Officially 1,776 ft
NEW YORK—1 World Trade Center has been officially named the tallest skyscraper in the United States, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), the authoritative body on building heights, announced Nov. 12. Prior to CTBUH's decision, questions had remained whether the building's 408 ft (124 m) antenna mast should count as part of its height or whether the height measurement should stop at the building's roofline, which would have relegated it to the status of second tallest building in the country behind the Willis Tower in Chicago. Including the mast, 1 World Trade Center reaches its intended patriotic height of 1,776 ft (541 m). The confirmed height also makes it the tallest building in the western hemisphere.

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Massachusetts Edges California as Most Energy-Efficient State
WASHINGTON—Massachusetts is the most energy-efficient state, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy's (ACEEE) annual State Scorecard. The report says that Massachusetts continued in the number one spot—which it has held for three consecutive years—because of its continued commitment to energy efficiency under its Green Communities Act. California placed a close second in the rankings, due in large part to its requirements for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. New York placed third.

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Solar Storage Enables Homeowners to Bring Out the Sun When They Want
NEW YORK—Several companies, including Tesla, BYD, and Bosch are offering a new generation of lithium ion battery storage systems—similar to those used to power electric cars—to capture electricity generated by residential solar systems. Such systems allow homeowners as much as a day or two of power in case of outages of conventional power. Users can also control when to use electricity. In markets where utilities have variable pricing for conventional power, homeowners can store solar power and use it when rates are higher. There also are advantages for utilities. Solar produces power intermittently, which means it surges in and out of the grid, causing instability. Storage helps level off fluctuations. The big drawback for storage is price. The systems are expensive, and it's not clear what the payback is or even whether there is one.

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AC Was 'Holy Grail' of Auto Technology
WASHINGTON—For much of the 1930s, the "holy grail" of automotive technology was heating and cooling the closed metal cabins that had replaced open-air cars. A few firms were able to fit huge coolers to vehicles, but it wasn't until November 1939 that Packard unveiled the first air-conditioning system offered direct from an automaker. The "Weather Conditioner" was a $279 (more than $4,700 in 2013 dollars) option that required the Packard One-Eighty to visit a second factory for installation, since the unit connected to the engine and took up half the trunk space. The option didn't sell well, as there was no way to moderate the air from the unit. Packard dropped it after 1942.

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Worldwide Solar PV Installations Forecast to Double by 2020
BOULDER, Colo.—Annual installations of new solar photovoltaic capacity worldwide will more than double by 2020, growing from a total 35.9 GW in 2013 to 73.4 GW in 2020, according to a recent report from Navigant Research. The “Solar PV Market Forecasts” report says that despite waning governmental support, the threat of international trade wars, and high-profile bankruptcies of solar companies, the solar PV market continues to grow. Solar PV technology costs have steadily declined, and technological and other advances to further cost reduction are being pursued. By 2020, says the report, solar PV is expected to be cost competitive—even without subsidies—with retail electricity prices in a significant portion of the world.

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In other news...

GSA Seeks Innovative Building Technologies for Green Proving Ground (GPG) Program
Beijing's CCTV Headquarters Named CTBUH's 'Best Tall Building Worldwide'
AHRI Launches Certification Programs for VFDs, Datacom Cooling
Carrier, Bosch Form Joint Venture to Develop Geothermal, Water-Source Heat Pump Systems
Turkish Ice Cream Factory Aims for LEED Certification
3% Price Increase on UTC Building & Industrial Systems Commercial HVAC Equipment


Mini-Conference on Tall Buildings Featured in Winter Conference Tech Program
A mini-conference on tall buildings is featured in the technical program at the 2014 ASHRAE Winter Conference, Jan. 18–22, in New York. Ten sessions specific to tall buildings will be presented during the mini-conference. "What better place to showcase tall building design than in New York," said Jon Cohen, New York Conference program chair. "Designing buildings with contingencies for natural disasters will benefit engineers worldwide."

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HPB Conference to Cover Key Building Performance Topics
ASHRAE’s 2014 High Performance Buildings Conference will take place April 7–8, in San Francisco. The Conference program will have a mix of invited speakers and a call for presenters. In addition, there will be a poster session on “Measured Building Performance” and “Modeled Building Performance.” The conference topics provide a comprehensive overview of high performance building design with a focus on strategies in several areas. New subject areas include water efficiency, building occupant behavior, new building technologies and indoor environmental quality. In addition, there is increased emphasis on lighting/daylighting and building envelopes.

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Feature of the Week

Demand-Controlled Ventilation for Commercial Kitchens
By Derek Schrock, Member ASHRAE; Jimmy Sandusky, Associate Member ASHRAE; and Andrey Livchak, Ph.D., Member ASHRAE
Food service facilities have high energy consumption, with equipment and commercial kitchen ventilation (CKV) being the primary energy consumers in a restaurant. According to the authors, exhaust hood airflow drives HVAC energy consumption for CKV, so the first step in reducing this exhaust airflow is designing high efficiency hoods with low capture and containment (C&C) airflow rates. The next step is using demand control ventilation (DCV) to further reduce exhaust airflow when cooking is not taking place under the hood, but when appliances are hot and ready for food preparation. The authors warn that care should be taken to ensure the proper DCV system and sensor type are selected for a given appliance lineup.

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Product News

Sealed-Combustion Boilers/Water Heaters From Laars
ROCHESTER, N.H.—Laars Heating Systems has enhanced and expanded the NeoTherm line of 95% efficient, direct-vent, sealed-combustion boilers/volume water heaters. The systems feature the company's Integrated Control System with PID logic that governs ignition, outlet water temperature, indirect water heater functions, and outdoor reset. The system stages up to four or eight boilers (depending on size) with the standard control, and integrates with other controls for multiple boiler sequencing and building automation systems.

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Electric Actuators From Spirax Sarco
BLYTHEWOOD, S.C.—Spirax Sarco introduces the AEL 6 line of smart high-speed linear electric actuators, designed for applications where users need to control steam and other industrial fluids without the pneumatics. For applications that require fast response from control valves and a high thrust fail-safe function, the product meets the requirements of typical steam heat exchanger applications.

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Zone Controller From Arzel Zoning
CLEVELAND—Arzel Zoning offers the GTPro controller that provides zone control for geothermal applications. It monitors duct, loop, and outdoor air temperature and can be controlled from any Web browser. The software enables contractors to customize the staging of equipment to maximize the system's performance. The GTPro can stage the equipment based on leaving air temperature, time or zone weight.

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