November 21, 2013: Vol. 12, No. 47 Advancing HVAC&R to Serve Humanity
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Industry News

HVAC&R Manufacturers Strongly Optimistic About Prospects for 2014
WESTPORT, Conn.—Optimism for improving economic business prospects in the HVAC&R industry continues to grow, according to a recent ASHRAE Journal/AHR Expo survey sent to more than 1,000 HVAC&R manufacturers worldwide. Nearly 80% of the respondents said their prospects for business were either "excellent" (19%) or "good" (60%) for the coming year. The remaining 21% felt prospects were "fair." No one responding to this year’s survey felt economic prospects would worsen in 2014. In keeping with the positive outlook for next year, 90% of the HVAC&R manufacturers said they believe sales will increase, with 32% expecting sales increases of more than 10%. Thirty-one percent forecast sales increases between 5% and 10%, and 27% expect increases of less than 5%. Ten percent believe sales will remain the same, while no one predicted sales will decrease. "Hospitals/Health Care" is the market segment cited by the most respondents as the most promising for 2014.

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LEED v4 Officially Launches
PHILADELPHIA—LEED v4, the newest version of the LEED green building program, launched Nov. 20 at the annual Greenbuild International Conference and Expo. LEED v4 features new market sector adaptations for LEED, including data centers, warehouses and distribution centers, hospitality, existing schools, existing retail and mid-rise residential projects. It also includes new impact categories: climate change, human health, water resources, biodiversity, green economy, community and natural resources. More than 120 beta projects around the world are already using LEED v4.

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Chicago Begins Program to Retrofit 75 City Buildings
CHICAGO—After months of delays, the Chicago Infrastructure Trust has voted to approve its first project in a plan that would tap private investments to pay for energy efficiency improvements in 75 city buildings. The proposal also must gain approval from the City Council, and the trust still has to select an investor and settle on the final financial terms. Under the plan, an investor would cover the $25 million cost of construction upfront and then be repaid over time from savings generated on the city's utility bills. The proposal, called an energy savings agreement, requires the city to pay the investor only if agreed-upon energy savings goals are met. The trust was created in April 2012, but met with a variety of delays.

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New York's Javits Center Installs Seven-Acre Green Roof
NEW YORK—The five-block-long Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in midtown Manhattan now sports a 7 acre (2.8 ha) green roof. It is the largest in New York and the second-largest in the United States. The green roof is intended to help absorb rainwater and insulate the building. New York City's average annual rainfall is about 50 in. (1270 mm). By moderating the volume and velocity of storm water runoff, the Javits green roof will contribute to improved water quality in the Hudson River. Clayton Rugh, Ph.D., of manufacturer Xero Flor America of Durham, N.C., calculates that the green roof will prevent approximately 6.8 million gallons (25.8 million L) of runoff per year.The installation is part of a $465 million renovation, encompassing a 110,000 ft2 (10 200 m2) expansion adjacent to the existing facility.

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Dutch City Becoming Flood-Resistant to Combat Climate Change
ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands—Rotterdam, the second-largest city in the Netherlands and one of the largest ports in the world, is developing a creative new infrastructure to make the city more flood-proof and resilient to climate change. Most of the Netherlands is below sea level and has typically used dikes and barriers to combat flooding. However, periods of rain are now heavier and more unpredictable. Also, Rotterdam is surrounded by water on four sides and the city is struggling to flush the storm water away when it breaches the barriers. Therefore, it has developed a climate change adaptation strategy that turns every possible area into water storage. Squares are being set lower than the surrounding street to collect water, and pavements are being designed to act as water plazas. The city has also built an underground parking facility that has a basin the size of four Olympic swimming pools. Green roofs and green walls are also being used to absorb excess water.

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Company Touts Energy-Saving Data Center Liquid Cooling Technology
ROTHERHAM, UK—Cooling technology company Icetope claims its data center liquid cooling technology requires "a fraction" of the energy required to maintain operating temperature compared with traditional air cooling. The technology seals each server blade in a specially engineered fluid. Because it is nonflammable and does not conduct electricity but convects heat 20 times more efficiently than water, components can be completely submerged. A pump then transfers the heat-carrying fluid to the outside of the cabinet, where it can be siphoned off for other uses. This pump is the only moving part as the heat convection process itself is done naturally by the liquid. The fluid is designed to flow evenly throughout the system to uniformly cool and maintains a constant temperature, improving efficiency even further and reducing fatigue to the electronics that can affect their reliability.

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In other news...

Building Automation Rapidly Growing in Popularity
Maryland Approves $95 Million for Utility Energy-Efficiency Programs
Living Building Challenge Clarifies Definition of 'Net Zero'
UL, USGBC Form Partnership to Promote Building Materials and Products Transparency
China Promoting Energy-Efficient Buildings
Grundfos USA Celebrates 40th Anniversary
Young Professionals Improving Economy and Boosting Commercial Real Estate Sector 


ASHRAE Joins Effort to Promote Better Prepared Workforce
ASHRAE has accepted an invitation from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to join an effort with a goal to advance the skill sets of engineers and other professionals involved in building design, operation and commissioning. Under DOE leadership, a Board of Advisors has been created for the Commercial Workforce Credentialing Council (CWCC). This Board will be led by the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) with the participation of ASHRAE and other credentialing and professional development organizations. They will work to establish a set of voluntary national guidelines to improve the quality and consistency of commercial building workforce credentials. The Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines will reduce the confusion and uncertainty around workforce credentialing; lower costs; and support better credentials, better workers and better buildings.

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Feature of the Week

Preventing Defect Claims in Hot, Humid Climates
By K.R. Grosskopf, Ph.D.; P. Oppenheim, Ph.D., P.E., Member ASHRAE; and T. Brennan, Member ASHRAE
This article provides best practices to avoid HVAC and HVAC-related envelope claims in moisture-vulnerable climates. Among the most vulnerable of these are hot, humid climates, which according to ASHRAE are regions that maintain either a 19.5°C (67°F) or higher wet-bulb temperature for 3,000 or more hours during the warmest six consecutive months of the year, a 23°C (73°F) or higher wet-bulb temperature for 1,500 or more hours during the warmest six consecutive months of the year, or both.

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Product News

Load Design and Energy Modeling Software From Trane
LA CROSSE, Wis.—Trane has added new software features to TRACE 700 load design and building energy modeling software for HVAC applications. New features include the LEED Guide, which consists of a series of helpful screens for installing systems to LEED specifications; the Baseline Building Creator, which populates construction inputs with minimally compliant windows, walls, roofs, slabs and doors; and a complete set of ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2007 construction types and systems.

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Commercial Wall Fans From Continental Fan
BUFFALO, N.Y.—WEB heavy-duty commercial wall fans from Continental Fan are designed for applications including warehouses, equipment rooms, parking garages, factories and general ventilation. The fans are available with single- or three-phase continuous duty motors in belt-drive capacities up to 39,000 cfm (18 400 L/s).

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Radiant Floor Panels From Uponor
APPLE VALLEY, Minn.—Fast Trak preformed knobbed radiant floor panels from Uponor enable building professionals to install PEX tubing for radiant floor heating systems in a variety of locations quickly and easily. The panels use an overpour installation method for remodel and retrofit applications and feature insulation already in the mat to further simplify installation.

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