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2014 High Performance Buildings Conference Set for S.F.
The next ASHRAE High Performance Buildings Conference will take place April 7–8, 2014, at the Hyatt Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. Building upon the 2012 High Performance Buildings Conference and 2009 Net-Zero Energy Conference, the 2014 conference is intended to advance the industry’s efforts to accomplish a true high-performing built environment. Session topics are intended to provide a comprehensive overview of high-performance building design with a focus on strategies in several areas. New subject areas include water efficiency, building occupant behavior, new building technologies and indoor environmental quality. In addition, there will be increased emphasis on lighting/daylighting and the building envelope.

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Cities Use ASHRAE Certifications for Energy Projects
Local governments in several major U.S. metropolitan areas now require the use of ASHRAE-Certified professionals for energy-efficiency projects. San Francisco enacted an energy audit ordinance in 2011 that requires buildings to meet or exceed ASHRAE standards for a Level 1 or Level 2 energy audit. The City of New York’s Local Law 87 requires building audits that can lead to energy efficiency retrofits. Several ASHRAE certification programs are recognized as qualifications to conduct the audits. In Orlando, Fla., all of the audit, design and commissioning work required for energy efficiency projects are designated to be performed as per requisite ASHRAE standards and procedures listed in the request for qualification statements.

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ASHRAE Seeks Nominees for 'New Faces of Engineering'

ASHRAE is seeking nominations for the 2014 New Faces of Engineering program. ASHRAE members are encouraged to either nominate deserving young engineers, or apply themselves. Members must be 30 years of age or younger as of Dec. 31, 2013, and have a degree in engineering from a recognized U.S. college or university, or from an equivalent international educational institution. “ASHRAE’s New Faces of Engineering program provided a great networking opportunity both in the U.S. and internationally,” said Ian Metzger, ASHRAE’s 2013 New Face of Engineering. Complete nominations, including a high-resolution professional photo, must be submitted to ASHRAE by Monday, Oct. 7.

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Versatile, Fast, Reliable Leak Detection
The ASM 340 leak detector offers full flexibility for detecting both helium or hydrogen gases and for use in either vacuum or sniffing modes of operation. The ASM 340 is an easy-to-use, high performance and durable leak detector, providing short cycle times and high throughput. It is capable of locating leaks starting at 100 mbar. The ASM 340 is available with a conventional vacuum pumping system or an oil-free version. Wireless remote control enables operation from a distance of up to 330 feet. It can be used in serial production as well as for maintenance tasks in applications from industrial, HVAC and appliances.
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IEQ and Energy Efficiency Subject of IAQ Conference Paper
Finding the balance between environmental health and energy efficiency in the pursuit of low energy buildings is examined in a paper at the upcoming ASHRAE IAQ 2013 conference. "Neglecting indoor air quality while pursuing other goals can result in building environments that negatively impact the health, comfort and productivity of occupants and therefore defeat the overall goal of building design, including reduced costs," said paper author Kevin Teichman, a senior science advisor at the U.S. Environment Protection Agency. Teichman’s paper, "Indoor Air Quality in High-Performing Building Case Studies: A Wealth of Intent, A Dearth of Data," is among 80 conference papers and extended abstracts being presented at IAQ 2013, Environmental Health in Low-Energy Buildings, which will be held Oct. 15–18, in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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ASHRAE, IBPSA-USA to Host Building Simulation Conference
ASHRAE and IBPSA-USA will jointly host a conference that merges the IBPSA-USA SimBuild and ASHRAE Energy Modeling Conferences. The 2014 ASHRAE/IBPSA-USA Building Simulation Conference is intended to improve the industry’s ability to accurately model building performance. It will be held Sept. 10–12, 2014, in Atlanta. The conference has a theme of "BIM, BEM and SIM—Integrated Building Design and Modeling,” addressing building information modeling, building energy modeling and building simulation. Organizers are seeking papers on topics addressing the integration and interoperability of analytic modeling tools (BEM and SIM) with physical modeling tools (BIM). In addition, papers are sought describing workarounds, case studies, challenges, barriers and cloud-based solutions. Abstracts (400 or less words in length) are due Nov. 4, 2013. If accepted, papers are due March 3, 2014. The conference papers will be a maximum of eight pages in length.

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Students Showcase Sustainability for ASHRAE Competitions

The San Jose State University Applied Engineering Challenge team.

  In addition to the 2013 Student Design Competition, ASHRAE asked students to think outside the box with the new Applied Engineering Challenge, which invited students to design a portable refrigeration unit.

  The Applied Engineering Challenge stipulated that students design a refrigeration unit with a holding volume of 1 ft3 (28.3 L) that could transport small essential cargo, such as food or medicine. The temperature inside the box must be maintained at 25°F (–4°C) without an external power supply and the device must be able to be assembled anywhere in the world.

  First place in the Applied Engineering Challenge was awarded to a team from San Jose State University, in California.

  The Student Design Competition recognizes outstanding student design projects and encourages undergraduate students to become involved in the profession. The 2013 competition featured a mock design of a high-rise residential building in Dallas with retail space on the lower floors. Among the 41 entries from eight different countries, three were awarded first place in the three categories of the competition.

  First place in HVAC Design Calculations was awarded to a team from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. First place in HVAC System Selection was awarded to a team from Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kan. First place in Integrated Sustainable Building Design was awarded to a team from the University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China.

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