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New Investigator Award

ASHRAE is pleased to announce the establishment of the "ASHRAE New Investigator Award".


The purpose of the award is to:

1) Enhance the academic careers of recent Ph.D. recipients by providing support for research activities.
2) Promote research related to the goals of ASHRAE in universities and colleges.
3) Promote educational efforts related to the goals of ASHRAE in universities and colleges.




Nominees shall be nominated by their Department Head or Chair. Nominees must be within 5 years of receiving a Ph.D. or an equivalent degree and be within 5 years of the start of their first full-time tenure-track or tenured faculty position or equivalent at their nominating institution.


Any university that awards degrees in engineering, science, or architecture is eligible. It is expected that the nominee’s institution will waive all indirect costs to accept the New Investigator Award based on the fact that there are no contractually required deliverables and all intellectual property generated by the faculty is retained by the institution.



The selection of the recipient will be based on the nominee's ability and potential, as a researcher, for contributing to the viability of ASHRAE's engineering effort. The selection of awardee will be made by the ASHRAE Research Administration Committee with advice of members of the society. The review criteria include:

  • Competence in engineering - as evidenced by the nominees' achievements to date, particularly the quality of research and publications, teaching accomplishments, and references.
  • Potential for continued professional growth as a research engineer - as evidenced by the quality of the nominee's research plan, the currency and significance of the long-range research and the appropriateness of the research to ASHRAE and to the academic setting.
  • Potential for significant development as an educator and academic leader in the training of future engineers in ASHRAE's area of interest as evidenced by the nominee's teaching plan and the narrative statements describing the nominee's qualifications for this award with regard to the nominees development as an academic leader in an ASHRAE related interest area.

Applicants are required to achieve an average score of 75 point or higher in order to qualify for possible award of the NIA.

Support and Commitments:

An ASHRAE New Investigator Award carries a base grant of $50k per year in the first two years with an additional award of $25K available in the 3rd year if it is matched by an industrial contributor.  The maximum award from ASHRAE would be $125K and the maximum available to the recipient would be $150K.  It should be noted that the university should not use the award for overhead/indirect costs.  The award should only be used for direct costs associated with the NIA recipient research. The industrial support must be from industries engaged in activities related to ASHRAE's areas of interest. New Investigators who transfer at any time, prior to or during the period of their grant, to institutions that do not meet the institutional eligibility criterion must resign their awards.

The research project undertaken by the award is assigned to an ASHRAE Technical Committee or Task Group (TC or TG). The awardee is expected to attend the annual and winter ASHRAE meetings for the first year of the award and to present an informal report at the sponsoring TC or TG meeting. In addition, the research resulting from this award will be presented at ASHRAE meetings as a Technical paper. The research may also be presented and published elsewhere later as appropriate.

Nomination Items
The following items shall constitute a complete nomination package:

ITEM 1:   Cover Sheet - listing name of nominee, institution and nominator.

ITEM 2:   Nominator’s narrative statement.
One-page statement that describes:

  1. The nominee's demonstrated ability and qualifications as a researcher and teacher.
  2. The nominee's future potential as a researcher and teacher.
  3. How the ASHRAE New Investigator Award would enhance the institution in its research and teaching mission.

ITEM 3:   Nominee's research and teaching qualifications.
One-page statement that describes:

  1. A summary of research accomplishments to date and future research objectives.
  2. A summary of teaching accomplishments to date.
  3. How the ASHRAE New Investigator Award would enhance the nominee's development as an academic leader.

ITEM 4:   Nominee's teaching plan.
One-page statement that describes the nominee's teaching plan as to course development, textbooks, etc.

ITEM 5:   Nominee's research plan.
Two-page statement that describes the nominee's research interests and research project that the nominee proposes to do during the period of the award. This should include the research objectives, background, experimental plan, techniques to be used and bibliography.

ITEM 6:   Nominee's biographical sketch.
Curriculum vitae including education, positions held, teaching record, and publications.

ITEM 7:   At least three letters of personal and/or professional reference.



Nominations, together with all support documents should be submitted to the ASHRAE Manager of Research & Technical Services, MORTS@ASHRAE.org.  All documents  must be received prior to December 1. The selections of the winning nominee will be made at the ASHRAE winter meeting and the selection will be announced in February. Initial grant funds will be available shortly thereafter.