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Standard 189.1

ANSI/ASHRAE/IES/USGBC Standard 189.1-2014, Standard for the Design of High-Performance Green Buildings

Standard 189.1-2014

Standard 189.1 provides total building sustainability guidance for designing, building, and operating high-performance green buildings. From site location to energy use to recycling, this standard sets the foundation for green buildings by addressing site sustainability, water use efficiency, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality (IEQ), and the building's impact on the atmosphere, materials and resources.

Standard 189.1 is a compliance option of the International Green Construction CodeTM (IgCC).

$128 (ASHRAE Member $109) / 2014 / 132 pages

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Superseded Editions of 189.1

86602100px.jpg Looking for previous revisions?

ASHRAE offers superseded editions of Standard 189.1 and User's Manuals in the ASHRAE Bookstore. Find previous editions in the 'Document History' section of the 189.1-2014 product page. Browse Now

About Standard 189.1

The standard provides minimum requirements for siting, design, construction, and operation of high-performance green buildings to (1) balance environmental responsibility, resource efficiency, occupant comfort and well being, and community sensitivity, and (2) support the goal of development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This standard provides minimum criteria that apply to new buildings and their systems, new portions of buildings and their systems, and new systems and equipment in existing buildings.

The provisions of this standard do not apply to single-family houses, multi-family structures of three stories or fewer above grade, manufactured houses (mobile homes) and manufactured houses (modular), or buildings that use none of the following: electricity, fossil fuel, or water.

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Changes in the 2014 edition:

  • Site Sustainability: All site requirements are now mandatory, with prescriptive and  performance options moved to the mandatory requirements. Requirements for stormwater management have been enhanced, and new requirements added for bicycle parking; preferred parking for low-emission, hybrid, and electric vehicles; and predesign assessment of native and invasive plants.
  • Water: More-stringent water use requirements for toilets, clothes washers, dishwashers, and green roofs.
  • Energy: Significant updates to reflect the publication of Standard 90.1-2013, including revised building envelope provisions. Fenestration orientation requirements updated based on new research. Changes and updates to equipment efficiency tables, Energy Star references, and continuous air-barrier requirements.
  • Energy Performance, Carbon Dioxide Emissions, and Renewables: Changes and clarifications to reflect changes to Standard 90.1. Updated carbon dioxide emission factors for different energy sources.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality: Lighting quality has been added to the scope of this section and requirements have been added for lighting controls in specific space types. Requirements for air sealing of filtration and air-cleaning equipment have been clarified, and new requirements for preoccupancy ventilation and building envelope moisture management have been added.
  • Building Impacts on the Atmosphere, Materials, and Resources: Updated requirements for areas to store and collect recyclables, including batteries and electronics, for construction waste management, and for life-cycle assessment. New requirements added for multiple-attribute product declaration or certification and for maximum mercury content levels of certain types of electric lamps.
  • Construction and Plans for Operation: Updated requirements related to environmental impacts associated with idling construction vehicles and new requirements to reduce the entry of airborne contaminants associated with construction areas.

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Send an email to ashrae1891faq@ashrae.org or call 404-636-8400 and ask for Steve Hammerling, Assistant Manager of Research & Technical Services, or Bert Etheredge, SSPC 189.1 Staff Liaison.

ASHRAE staff will attempt to respond with an unofficial response within one business day. If you wish to request a formal technical interpretation from SPC 189.1, instructions can be found here

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